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About Us

We are a nonprofit organization that supports doctors, provisors, pharmacists, nurses and other medical specialists who intend to continue their careers in the Czech Republic.

The founders of our association are doctors who originally earned their degrees abroad, have completed the whole approbation process and are currently working in the Czech Republic.

The support our organization offers is not limited to providing information about qualifications recognition, we also establish contacts with the Czech Medical Association, Ministry of Health and other institutions.

Our main goals are to provide guidance and information to doctors, pharmacists, nurses and other medical specialists, to ensure professional and cultural growth of our members, to prove competitiveness of foreign specialists at the international level, to contribute to high standards of healthcare in the Czech Republic.

Doctor Chekhov

Why Doctor Chekhov?

A renowned and world-famous writer Anton Pavlovich Chekhov was also our fellow doctor. Surname Chekhov, according to an alternative version of origin, begins with the ancestor of the great playwright being a czech from Bohemia who ended up as a serf in Russia. Czech - Chekhov.

Maybe this version of origin is the correct one, who knows? Then Doctor Chekhov is finally home with the czechs. As a writer he has been known there since 1898 with the first international performance of The Seagull at Švandovo divadlo in Prague.

Besides highly estimated literary talent, Anton Pavlovich was remembered for his truly humane and compassionate nature with his kind heart shining through every one of his stories. A kind heart is developed by those who face human pain - the doctors. This brings Chekhov so close to us.

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