Interested in a career as a medical doctor in the Czech Republic?

The path will involve two main steps.
Firstly, you need to get your degree evaluated (nostrifikace); and secondly, you need to pass a series of approbation exams.

There exists no official body that evaluates education obtained overseas. You choose a University that has a study plan close to yours. You send there your papers, and the University will then decide after having compared both programmes. 

Specifically, you download and fill out an application form on the website of a University, and then get the following documents translated to Czech by a licensed court translator:

  1. Your degree with any additional official papers, such as a list of credits, marks.
  2. The power of attorney if you are not present in Czechia (A resident may apply without it.)
  3. Marriage certificate if your family name differs from that on the  degree
  4. Any other documents or additional information upon request by the University 

These papers as well as a confirmation of payment of fee should be sent to the University by post. Your case will normally be considered within 60 days. In case your application is declined, you have the right to appeal.

List of countries whose degrees require an apostille—++

List of countries whose degrees do not require an apostille—++


The series of approbation exams consist of three parts:

a computer-delivered test 
a six-month practicum at a hospital
an oral exam

The first step, a computer-delivered test, is organized twice a year, and participants should apply at least four months in advance.

List of documents required: 

– a copy of the degree
– a copy of the degree evaluation (nostrifikace)
– a copy of the work permit
– medical examination (not older than 90 days)
– a police clearance certificate (not older than 90 days)
– a copy of ID
– a copy of the marriage certificate (in case of family name change) 
– an application fee 2000 CZK (kolkové známky)

The computer-delivered test itself should be paid:

3000 CZK for the first attempt
4000 CZK for the second
6000 CZK for the third and further

There are three types of tests depending on your field of studies:

common medicine – for doctors
stomatology – for dentists
pharmacy science – for pharmacists

The test includes 120 questions, and its duration is two hours.

In case the participant succeeds, the second test follows the same day –  Czech legislation and statistics. The test includes 50 questions, and its duration is 50 minutes.

The test is always taken in Czech – no other options exist.

The test is considered passed if the participant succeeds in at least 70% of the questions. Results are available immediately.

The second step is a six-month full-time practicum at a hospital, a dental clinic, or a pharmacy with special accreditation. The list of accredited facilities is published on the website of the Ministry of Health. You must inform the ministry on where and when you applied for your practicum. 

There are five rounds for the practicum: 

internal medicine
intensive care unit

If the participant succeeds in the practicum, the ministry issues a confirmation that is valid for five years.

The third and final part is the oral exam, which you should apply for at least three months in advance. This exam will cost you

4000 CZK for the first attempt,
6000 CZK for the second,
9000 CZK for the third and further.

The exam is always taken in Czech – no other options exist. The list of questions and recommended textbooks are published on the official website of the Ministry of Health.

The doctor supervising your practicum is allowed to be present at the oral exam. The oral exam consists of several modules. 

Medical practitioners have four modules (obstetrics/gynaecology, paediatrics, surgery, internal medicine), and their exam is divided into two stages – a stage per day. All passed modules are counted;   for example, if you passed all modules but obstetrics/gynaecology, you can just resit a module.

Dentists have six modules (surgical stomatology, therapeutical stomatology, childrens’ stomatology, orthopaedic stomatology, periodontology, orthodontia). You have to resit all modules if you failed just one.

Pharmacists have six modules (pharmacology, pharmacognosy, pharmaceutical chemistry, drug control, legislation, pharmacologic technology). You have to resit all modules if you failed just one.

After you passed all the parts of the approbation exam, the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic confirms your right to fulfil your work without restrictions (odborná způsobilost). 

Warning:  If you cannot attend an arranged exam no matter what reasons (health, family, border restrictions) you have to send an application with explanations. However, the attempt will be considered “failed”.

Official sources-

Ministry of Hhealth of the Czech Republic

Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic

Institute for Postgraduate Medical Education